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I’m Shishir and I’ve been working with .net for a while now. I’ve been having a lot of fun lately playing with SIlverlight, WPF, WCF, LINQ and a couple of other technologies. Generally, when I have free time i’d like to sit and come up with some new application or learn something new. Now and then I come up with new ways to tackle problems and new ideas to develop stuff. With that in mind, I decided blog about some ideas, some ways to tackle problems and some tutorials too.


The content in my website are purely my opinions and ideas.

Though I have tried my best to make this error free, some errors might persist. I would greatly appreciate it if these errors were pointed out so that I can fix them at the earliest.

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  1. Hi Shishir,
    You must also know me as SOONF or SUF.You must be must busy. First of all i would like to congratulate you on developing this website. I would like you to add code for vb.net developer as well. I am looking for job. I would really appreciate if you offer me a position in your firm. I know about StyleCop used for Code Analysis. But is there anything for VB.net.

    Prince of Persia

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