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Lately, I’ve been taking a lot of interest into mobile development. I have started developing some Silverlight apps for Windows Phone 7. I plan to upgrade my mobile development skills to include Java, for Android apps, and iOS, for iPhone apps, at some point in the future. (Hopefully that is. For the lazy bum that I am, I am very optimistic in my planning). While I wait to update my skill sets, I need to do something to make my apps available on mobile platforms other than Windows Phone. So creating a mobile version of the web app is the current solution.

I recently developed some test HTML pages and I wanted to test out how it looks on my mobile. To do this test here are my options:

1. Host the site content on some publicly available server (like this… 🙂 )

But this is a boring process. I feel sleepy when I open FileZilla. Besides, I’ve messed around with hosted content in all wrong ways before. So I would do my best to prevent doing this with anything other than code ready for production.

2. Host it locally, connect to a LAN connection with WiFi and open the IP:Port of my machine’s Apache/IIS.

This works very well actually. This is my favorite mode of development actually. However I often end up in situations without a WiFi connection. (Like my office where I’m not supposed to be developing mobile apps for my amusement… Or writing this post… {Evil grin})

3. Use a Mobile Emulator on the machine I’m developing stuff on.

This is another good solution. There are several standalone apps and virtual boxes available that emulate mobile browsers for various phones. This is a great way to test my locally hosted app as well as try out the looks of my app on other browsers. (It is very important to see how browsers interpret your HTML. With the advent of HTML 5 and CSS 3.0 and the millions of mobile browsers… ok hundreds… the amount of mismatch in the way a sites are rendered have started to vary greatly) Most importantly, I test out the way it shows up on Safari, Opera and IE. That is for iPhone, Blackberry/Android and Windows Phone.

Here is a link for the windows phone emulator. Nice app it is.

But here’s the best link I’ve found – MOBILE EMULATORS. A neat collection of the emulators available right now.

I almost started making a list of mobile emulators myself, but after seeing the neat job this author has done, I just want to share a link to his page. Hopefully he updates it with new emulators whenever they come around.

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  1. I have got one idea for your site. It seems like right now there are a few cascading stylesheet issues when launching a selection of web pages inside google chrome and internet explorer. It is operating okay in internet explorer. Possibly you can double check that.

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