Error 1001: Service has been marked for deletion

Another of those stupid windows errors!

I was working on this windows service recently. While developing this I code the changes, build the app and run the service installer. (The service installer project is quite cool. I admit). But every now and then when I uninstall the service and try to reinstall it I get this error:

Error 1001: Service has been marked for deletion

I know its marked for deletion. But why is it not deleted yet? I used to restart the system as a solution to this problem. But soon enough I began to see the stupidity behind some of the windows apps. I had the Service Control Manager running to start/stop the service. After uninstalling the service if you happen to open the SCM window, it gets a lock on the service entity and marks it as ‘Disabled’. Now when you try to install the service again Error 1001 pops up.

The solution to this was to just close the SCM and install the service. SCM is one of the core windows utilities. You expect it to behave right?

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